What are Life Groups?
Life Groups are made up of ordinary people who want to learn more about who God is and how He can be relevant to our daily lives. Life Groups have leaders and assistant leaders who seek to support and encourage their group.

Joining a Life Group
You can choose to join any of the Life Groups and once you have decided, please let the Life Group Leader/s know by filling in the on-line pro-forma, or by speaking to them directly.

When do the Life Groups meet?
We meet in a home once a fortnight on the 2nd and 4th week of the month. The day of the week varies depending on the group; no group meets on a Monday due to prayer and praise held at the Vicarage from 7.45pm.

Life Group Calendar 2017

What might you expect to see in a Life Group at St John’s?
It’s a place where you can form friendships, share both the good times and the not so good, and work out what it means to follow Jesus today. During a typical Life Group evening, you might worship together, pray for each other and have a time of sharing and teaching.

Day & Location Who for Leader/s
Wednesday morning Everyone Tom Benyon
Wednesday evening Everyone Tom & Sara Benyon
Wednesday evening Everyone Rob & Sarah Bubyer
Thursday evening Everyone Ben & Helen Attenborough
Friday evening Everyone David and Elaine Williams

David and Elaine Williams are our Life Group Pastors who oversee the groups.

If you would like to join a life group and you do not have the leader’s details, fill in the form below and the leader(s) will get back to you.

Life Groups Online Form

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