Getting Involved

This page relates to getting involved through serving in the life of the church.  For more details about getting involved in mission; potentially joining one of our community groups or for full details of our Sunday services please return to the menu.

Part 1: Introducing the 5 Sunday teams

1. Sunday morning team (10.30am)

Reading the passage
Leading prayers
Prayer before the service
Helping with Holy Communion
Lap-top operator
Serving coffee & tea

2. Hospitality team (Soul Food)

Coffee & tea
Food supervision

3. Children’s Work team (Soul Food)

Josepth’s Krew (Pre-school)
Ruth’s Krew (Key Stage 1)
Peter’s Krew (Key Stage 2)

4. Worship & technical team (Soul Food)

PA operator
Lap-top operator

5. Leading, Preaching & Prayer ministry team

To read some more about the rational, purpose and function of these teams please click here


Part 2: Current Sunday ‘vacancies’ (i.e. where gaps are)

Children’s Workers: x4  (Soul Food)
Lap-top Operator  x2  (Soul Food)
PA operators  x1  (Soul Food)
Hospitality Team  x5  (Soul Food)
People to pray and take readings x2 (10.30am service)
People to serve coffee after the service x3 (10.30 service)

People to offer prayer ministry (possible new team x8) (Soul Food)


Part 3: Mid-week serving

Examples include:
Leading a Community Group
Attending Mon. eve. prayer group
Supporting SF Deeper
Helping at
Little Lights
Helping at Little Treasures
Helping in the Youth Centre on a Friday eve
Helping with breakfast club
Helping with a holiday club
Mission Committee
Youth work
Practical/maintenance jobs in St John’s/Church Hall
Pastoral home visiting
Preparing a meal for someone with need


Part 4: Opportunity to respond

Get Involved Form