Getting Married is one of happiest days of your life. We want to help you in making your special day as successful as it possibly can be. To get things moving please read the information below and fill out the relevant online document and we will then be in contact with you to plan your special day.

To complete the Online Application Form scroll down to bottom of this page. 

If you would like to get married in one of our parish churches (St John’s Peasedown, St Julian’s Wellow or St James’ Foxcote) here in the St J’s Group, please have a read of the information provided below and then fill out the online application form below.

Information about Getting married in the St J’s Group
1. Seven steps required to prepare for a ‘heavenly wedding.’
2. For more information about getting married in the St J’s Group please click here.
3. Frequently asked questions about getting married in church.

4. If you would like help planning your ceremony please click here.
5. If you are thinking about changing the name on your passport before getting married please click here for further details.
6. If you are getting married in the St J’s Group and you do not live in the parish of the St J’s Group then you need to be on the electoral role of the parish you are getting married in. To fill in the online form click here.
7. For Bells to be rung at your wedding, these are only available at Wellow and details can be found under the FEES page below for St. Julian’s Church, Wellow.

Marriage Preparation Day
It is a requirement of getting married in the Church Of England that you attend a Marriage Preparation Day; otherwise we can not marry you. Please Click here for details of our next Marriage Preparation Day.

Click on the relevant link below for full list of wedding fees depending on which church you are getting married. 
Fees – St. John’s Church,Peasedown Fees – St. Julian’s Church,Wellow Fees – St James’ Church,Foxcote

BANNS OF MARRIAGE READ: IF YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED ELSEWHERE (i.e. not in Peasedown, Wellow or Foxcote/Shoscombe)

If your wedding is taking place elsewhere, but you need your ‘Banns of Marriage’ read out in one of our churches (i.e. St John’s Peasedown, St Julian’s Wellow, St James’ Foxcote or St Julian’s Shoscombe) because you live in one of our parishes then please fill out the “Banns of Marriage” online application form – click below.


Please fill in the Wedding Application Form below to enquire about getting married in one of the St J’s Group of Churches.

Online Wedding Application Form

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