SJ’s Breakfast Club at Peasedown Youth Centre

TERM 5 & 6 DATES: Monday 24th April to Friday 21st July 2017 (Inset Day-5th June)

Bookings for September 2017 are now open

Update: Spaces left as of 20th July 10am:

Monday – 1 space left

Tuesday – 2 spaces left

Wednesday – 1 space left

Thursday – FULL – o spaces left – FULL

Friday – 4 spaces left

A Waiting List will be applied once spaces have all been taken. An email will be sent to inform you if you are on the waiting list. 

TERM 1 & 2 DATES: Wednesday 6th September to Friday 15th December 2017 (Inset Days-4th&5th September 2017 and 20th October 2017)



SJ’s Breakfast Club runs 5 sessions a week at the Peasedown Youth Centre. It is managed by Rob Bubyer in partnership with St Johns Church (contact Rob on or phone 07973 972018).

The Breakfast Club will:

  • Run for the full term 1 and 2: Wednesday 6th September 2017 – Friday 15th December 2017 (excluding the inset days on 4th, 5th September and 20th October and half term – 21-29 October).
  • Be every morning: Monday – Friday from 7.45am – 8.45am. Doors open 7.45am. 
  • Be held in the Youth Centre every day.
  • Cost £2.50 per child per session. Please note increased cost from September 2017. This is due to taking on more staff to meet our safeguarding ratios. 
  • Have a maximum of 25 places for children from Reception to Year 6 per session. A waiting list will be applied if needs must. Places are secure once payment has been made.
  • Include a breakfast of cereal and/or brioche (chocolate/plain) and a drink (milk).
  • Be based around free time, having breakfast and playing a game with Christian values.

Children will need to arrive through the side door of the Youth Centre (left hand side as you face the youth centre) and be handed over by a parent to the team running the breakfast club that morning, who will then take a daily register. At the end of the session children will be escorted via the safe pathway onto the school site – children in Reception and KS1 will be escorted to their classes, KS2 children will be led to entrance doors for 8.45am – in time for the register.

Standards of behaviour and expectations remain the same as described in our parents handbook. All children attending the Breakfast Club must adhere to the breakfast club’s Golden Rules and follow the instructions of the breakfast club team to remain safe and secure. Any child not choosing to follow the rules may be asked to leave. All sessions will need to be paid for in full in advance and no refund will be available if a child is ill or misses a session.


Payment for Terms 1 and 2 – PAYMENT IS DUE BY 1ST SEPTEMBER 2017 

Due to the inset days in term 1 and 2, there are different costs depending on which day or days your child attends (see below). If you see an error then please get in touch. Online Payment is now open. Cheques need to be payable to “PCC of Peasedown St John“. The costings below are PER CHILD. 

  • 1 day per week (attending: Mon, Tues, Fri) = Total Cost is £32.50
  • 1 day per week (attending: Wed & Thu)= Total Cost is £35
  • 2 days per week (attending: Mon & Tue / Mon & Fri / Tue & Fri) = Total Cost is £65
  • 2 days per week (attending any two days: Mon & Wed / Mon & The / Tue & Wed / Tue &  Thu / Wed & Fri / The & Fri) = Total Cost is £67.50
  • 2 days per week (attending Wed & Thu) = Total Cost is £70 
  • 3 days per week (attending: Mon, Tue & Fri) = Total Cost is £97.50
  • 3 days per week (attending: Mon, Tue & Wed / Mon, Tue & Thu / Mon, Thu & Fri / Tue, Wed & Fri) = Total Cost is £100
  • 3 days per week (attending: Tue, Wed & Thu / Wed, Thu & Fri ) = Total Cost is £102.50
  • 4 days per week (attending: any 4 days) = Total Cost is £135
  • 5 days per week (attending: every day) = Total Cost is £167.50

For more information please contact Rob Bubyer on 07973 972018 or email